We Noticed Tipping was Broken
So We fixed it!!

INstant | Contactless | Cashless




If you want a no no-sense tipping solution that ensures your tips go directly in your bank account then you are at the right place.

It is Free for individual user with Zero subscription fees.

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QuikTipz is designed to boost revenues for

Hospitality Staff

Salon Staff

Musicians/ Buskers

Youtubers/ Streamers

Casino Staff

Food Delivery Drivers

Taxi Drivers/ Valets


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What makes quiktipz better than other solutions?

Instant Contactless Payments

Transparent Tipping

No App Download or Terminals Required

Reduced Admin Burden

Advanced Data Analytics

Never Manage Tips again as an employer

Never Miss Out on tips again as an employee

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It really is that simple


Frictionless Tipping

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