Although the QR codes (Quick Response) codes have been around since 1994 they never hit the ground running with most of its adoption limited to a select few Asian countries. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has been a sort of a resurrection story for all technologies contactless.

QR Code menus are simply digital versions of the physical menus you see at restaurants/pubs. Customer can scan these QR Code menus to view the restaurant’s menu on their personal mobile phones. This technology is simple yet effective and makes it easier for restaurants to adhere with Covid-19 regulations.

Why do i need a QR Code menu for my business?

It is clear that even with the rapid pace of vaccinations globally, the virus is not going to go away any time soon. So the best course of action restaurants/ pub owners can take is safe-guarding their staff members and customers.

Contaminated surfaces are a major risk associated with regards to spread of the virus. Although cleaning, disinefecting and hand sanitizing are great measures it is always best to tackle the problem at the source. In a restaurant the physical menu serve as a source of viral transfer simply by the fact that they change hands multiple times. The simplest way to fix this problem is having QR code menu/stickers at your establishment which customers can scan and view the digital menu.

Key Benefits of Having a QR Code Menu Designed By Us

Reduced Table Turnaround Time

When the restaurant gets busy it’s often difficult for a wait-staff to attend all clients immediately and hand them physical menus. This is where the QR menus come handy, customers can just scan the code and have their order decided by the time the wait-staff attends to them.

Custom QR codes and Menu design

Digital menus give you the freedom to experiment and change things whenever you want, no more feeling pressured to create that perfect menu for the year. Get Custom QR codes that scream your brand name and a professionally designed menu to go with it!

Keep your staff safe and customers safe.

With QR code menus customers no longer have to share physical menu and this also limits their interaction with the staff members. These reduced touchpoints ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Reduced Costs

Updating physical menus every year and reprinting them eat at your profits in the long run. Having a contactless menu will not only make you look cool, but it will also make you future proof and save you tonnes of money.

It is estimated 88% restaurants still do not have a QR code menu.

How to get my professionally designed QR mode menu for free?

To get your professionally designed Free QR code menu.

Just Send an email: [email protected]

All you need to do is attach your logo and a picture of your existing menu, our team of professional designers will do the rest for you. Have your professional QR menu sent to you within 2 days!!

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