We noticed tipping was broken

...so we fixed it!


Transparent Tipping

Using our unique system to allow customers to tip individuals & groups directly, this transparency gives consumers confidence that the money goes to who it was intended.


By facilitating the direct payment of tips between customers & staff we remove the business or bar out of the equation, thus removing their liabilities, the burden of complying with tax legislation & reducing their costs of running a compliant tronc system.


Get realtime insights into your payments, allowing you to make the decisions and set goals based on your tipping history!

Super Fast Payment!

Our system ensures you get paid ASAP!

Mobile Friendly

QuikTipz does not require a app of any kind to make a tip. No Setup!! Just Click and Tip. Welcome to QuikTipz!

Works in 3 easy steps:

  1. Display QuikTipz QR Code
  2. Person Scans the code and Tips you!
  3. Cash goes to your Bank Account!




  • 5% Transaction Fee
  • Single Payment Account
  • Unlimited Transactions!
  • QR Code

Coming Soon

  • 4% Transaction Fee
  • Accept Payments via QR code and QR Stickers
  • 100 Monthly QR Codes Stickers!! *purchase more as required shipped direct to you
  • Vanity Domain
  • Advanced data analytics
  • Unlimited Transactions

Coming Soon

  • 3% Transaction Fee
  • Accept Payments via QR code, QT band (NFC band) or QT App
  • Unlimited Team Users
  • Multiple payment options with the QuikPaymentz API
  • Advanced data analytics and performance tracking
  • Group Tip Distribution based on hours worked
  • Integration with the roster/payroll software to calculate shift hours

QuikTipz for Business API

Our Business API is fully featured, Powerful Enterprise Rest API to integrate into your Apps! Contact us Today to integrate our QuikTipz API into your solution! QuikTipz are a Microsoft Partner with years of Development Experience.