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Instant Commerce

Updated: May 2

Payments Made Easy, Custom Built for your Business by YOU!

We are really proud of the amount of functionality we have built our new release and delighted for you guys to start using us. Introducing Instant Commerce, from a being a sole trader, contractor or if you setup Pop-Up Stores to selling Comic Con Merch we got you covered. No need to bring payment terminals and receipt printers, laminating menus, all are now things of the past!

Here are just some of the functionality that our customers love:

💳 Completely App Less for customers to pay you, scan a QR to Tap our secure Tags

🎟️ Paperless Receipts (interactive with tipping in the receipt!)

📲 Create Invoices with integrated WhatsApp to customers in seconds.

🛒 You don't need payment terminals but we support them too. you can even brand them to your business

🎶 Busker Mode, yes you heard that right. Our platform is used my artists all over the world singing live and accepting contactless payments. Contact us to get information on our live stream API and Busker Mode Terminals.

💲Instant Point of Sale, simple intuitive point of sale UI to accept payments

💳 QuikTipz with Debit Cards and GoQuikz Accounts for Staff for instant access to their Tips. For teams that have enabled accounts, each staff member gets an account and a debit card (physical or virtual) and at the end of shift tips are instantly distributed to the staff to use from their account.

🖥️ Integrate any module into your apps and workflows using our API's and Developer Portal.

Contact the team for access, we would love to help you build your own payment experience in your app. We are offering anyone who signs up and emails [email protected] with the subject line "Realtime"; free access to our updated order management platform and real-time ordering notification system. Thanks all and love to hear your thoughts on what you think of our platform and what we could build that's not available right now! (We have some cool things in the works, free iPhone Case with TAP2 Chip for person who proposes an existing roadmap item!!)

The GoQuikz Team

Instant Commerce here at GoQuikz is what we use to describe the adaptability and customisation at your fingertips using our platform, headless with rich api's allows you to get up and running fast and build payment experiences around your business. Check out our new article on some of the functionality and use cases our customers are using our Instant Commerce for.

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