QuikTipz FAQ

Have questions about QuikTipz?

If you are an individual user simply sign-up on our website. When you finish the sign-up process, you will receive a unique QR code and your very own QuikTipz Tip-Page.

On your profile page, there is the option to add your photo & a short bio that customers can see when they tip you.

The 3 easy ways you can receive tips with QuikTipz:

QR Code: To start receiving tips all you must do is to print your personal QR code Template from our website which includes your personal QR code and an explainer on how the customer can tip you.

NFC Wearable Device: For users in Ireland, we are currently offering our QuikTipz Tip-Band for free for individual users. Once you finish sign-up you will be sent a Band-Request form, just fill up your details and your personal QuikTipz Tip-Band will be shipped directly to your doorstep.

Tip-Page link: For the tech-savvy users you can get creative, simply share your Tip-Page link on your social media handles. If you are a Youtuber add the Tip-Page Link in your video description, add it to your Tik-Tok videos, Facebook Videos, Instagram. You get the gist, with QuikTipz the opportunities are endless!

Bonus: This one is a great hack, if you are a live streamer just embed your personal QR code on your live videos.

Customers can tip you instantly in 3 easy steps.

  1. Scan a QR Code/Tap NFC band
  2. Select an Amount
  3. Confirm Payment.

No App Download or Sign-Up is required for the customer to tip. Flawless!

(When customers are on your Tip-Page, they use Apple or Google Pay which means secure payment in a jiffy)

Our mission is to make cashless tipping as frictionless as possible for everyone to use. Hence for individual users, QuikTipz is absolutely Free.
When someone tips you, they have to bear a small fee of 5% to cover our operational costs. Our primary goal when we scale up is to innovate and reduce these costs even further to make it a seamless experience for everyone involved.

The simple answer is most customers do not carry as much cash as they used to anymore, data suggests 80% of millennials favor cashless transactions. So having a cashless tipping system means you can almost double your tips. Never miss out on tips again and get your tips directly in your bank account with 100% Transparency.

Consider QuikTipz as an ally that helps you make tips a more consistent source of income. Together we can bring a positive change by creating a culture of transparent tipping in the hospitality sector.

This one exclusively depends on the credit card company but when someone tips you via QuikTipz your account will most likely be credited within 2-4 days.

QuikTipz is a completely secure platform built to scale industry-leading benchmarks.

It is the same system used by leading banks and financial institutions. Anyone heard of Swiss Banks ­čśë?

We value your confidential data and never hold your card information. Click Here to learn more about Stripe our secure payment partner.

Currently, even we cannot avoid the cost associated with card payment processing. This costs us 3% of every transaction. But as we scale up and explore alternate technologies expect those costs to go down.

QuikTagz FAQ

Have questions about about QuikTagz

It is a powerful networking tool that turbocharges your productivity. Share all your social media handles, contact info, documents, music, videos, and payment details with a simple tap of your QuikTagz!

Never! QuikTagz is designed with simplicity in mind and is entirely cloud-based. The other person simply needs to tap your QuikTagz or scan a QR code to get all your details instantly.

QuikTagz is a universal product that can benefit anyone in any industry. Consider it the future of business cards, a networking tool that can be customized to tailor to your needs.

  • If you are a hot-shot sales exec, share your LinkedIn and Product Brochures.
  • If you are a Photographer, share your Instagram and Tik-Tok.
  • Musician? No problem. Link your Spotify, Youtube, Tik-Tok and boost your following.

The best part? Receive payments from anyone directly in your bank account via QuikTipz instantly.

Entrepreneurs, Models, Photographers, Real estate agents, Sales Executives, Musicians, Influencers, Retail businesses, Hospitality businesses whatever your field and profession may be, QuikTagz is sure to expand your network like never before!

QuikTagz is 100% free to use for anyone with a Zero subscription fee. We believe in supporting individuals to expand their business and network, so our basic offering is free of any charges.

We do have a more advanced pro version with extra features that costs €5 /month or €50/year. It is optional and you can decide if you want the upgrade!

These days, most mobile phones are NFC-enabled, which means anyone can simply Tap your QuikTagz and connect with you. However, if someone does not have an NFC-capable device you can simply display your QuikTagz QR code (on your mobile screen via the QuikTagz App), now they can simply scan the QR code with their phone camera and connect with you.

Once you have your QuikTagz, tagged with your information all you must do is remove the sticker on your QuikTagz and attach it to the backside of the phone. Attach your QuikTagz as shown in the image above for these devices. Most phones would have the bottom section on the back as the ideal QuikTagz position. However, we recommend doing the QuikTagz zone check for some of the other brands of phone manufacturers. (Watch the video.)

QuikTagz Zone Check: Simply tap your configured QuikTagz device on the backside of your mobile device across all the zones. If you get diverted to your own QuikTagz page, then that region is not suitable to attach your QuikTagz device. Once you have located the neutral zone, you can attach the QuikTagz to your phone.

Your QuikTagz does not need to be attached to your phone to work. If you do not want to attach your QuikTagz to your mobile phone don’t worry, it was designed keeping in mind every kind of user out there.

Go bonkers! explore the option that works for you!

  • Stick it on your Food-Truck.
  • Use it on your restaurant door or table to promote deals.
  • Waiting rooms.
  • Use it for Concerts or Conventions.
  • In Salons
  • Your options are limitless!

The only materials we would recommend not attaching your QuikTagz to would be silicone, leather, and your own clothes! But again, why you would do that! :D

You can also have a look at our QuikTagz keychains and other devices here

Your QuikTagz device can easily stick to most cases except leather and soft silicone ones. Even if you own one of these cases you could easily stick the QuikTagz on your phone and use the case over it.  (QuikTagz will work through most cases.) You could also have a look at our other QuikTagz device options that might suit your need.

QuikTagz was carefully engineered to work for about 99.9% of phone cases, even the ones that hold credit/debit cards. The only exceptions we have identified so far would be phone cases that have a thick layer of metal or were made of adamantium.

Once you have a QuikTagz account, there is no limit to the number of QuikTagz devices you can configure it with. If you have multiple QuikTagz devices just activate them via the QuikTagz app, keep hustling, and build your network.

Don’t worry, we got you covered here. All our QuikTagz pages are 100% dynamic, so you can update, modify and customize your QuikTagz page as many times as you want. Be assured, with a whole host of updates and features this will be the last business card you will ever need.

QuikTagz does not hamper your mobile phone’s wireless charging capabilities in any way and is completely safe to use.

We understand sometimes you do not want to share your whole profile with someone. In this case, simply use the QuikShare feature. Activating this will always redirect to the one link you have decided to share with this feature.

A feature designed specifically for people who just want to use the QuikTagz device to receive payments. You can receive payments instantly in your bank account via our secure payment software QuikTipz.

This is a super handy feature for people who work in the hospitality industry and just want to receive tips/gratuity directly in their bank account. Receiving tips is made super easy with our QuikTagz band.

When an iPhone does not read your QuikTagz these could be the reasons.

  • iPhone camera is turned On.
  • iPhone is in airplane mode.
  • iPhone screen is off. 
  • iPhone flashlight is on.

When an android phone does not read your QuikTagz it could because.
Android device NFC reader feature is turned off, simply turn it on from the settings menu.

Android device is outdated and doesn’t support NFC reading. In this case, simply share your QuikTagz QR code and ask them to scan it with their phone camera, they will be redirected to your QuikTagz page.

QuikTagz pro is our flagship product offering with advanced data analytics and bonus features that make your QuikTagz page more professional and engaging. This gives you access to premium features like video embeds, Spotify/SoundCloud embeds, CRM integration, and more; all for just €4.99 per month. Get started with a free two-month trial here: www.quiktagz.com/pro

The QuikTagz app is available to download for free on the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store.
Download it here
App Store: Link 1
Google Play Store: Link 2

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we do ship our QuikTagz devices worldwide! Please allow upto 3 weeks of shipping time for international orders.

How long will my order take to ship?
Most orders will ship between 3-5 business days from the date of your order being placed.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payments via debit/credit card, Apple/Google Pay.

How do I track my order?
When QuikTagz order is ready to ship, you will receive an email or text message with a link to your order tracking details.

If you don't receive this email, please email us at support@QuikTipz.com